quarta-feira, 21 de novembro de 2012

nasce nova revista sobre a Ásia do Sul

Gostava de manter a regularidade deste blog, mas não tem sido fácil. Passo a publicar os mais recentes artigos que escrevi na revista Think South Asia, que edito com o apoio do South Asia Democratic Forum.
It is a dream come true to launch this first number of Think South Asia, which wants to be a platform for dialogue between South Asia and European personalities with the aim of promoting peace, democracy, Human Rights and the rule of law.
First, I must begin to say that the pursuit of the truth of the facts is and will always be Think South Asia’s first principle. We think that light only comes from a pluralistic and polite debate. Each guest author will be fully responsible for his comments, and the Editor will ensure the quality of the choices.
In this first number the focus is on Bangladesh, a highly populated country that could be the key for a deeper regional cooperation in South Asia. We present some data and figures that could help you to understand the main challenges of this country that is rated as having an outstanding potential to grow both in wealth and well-being. It is indeed a land of opportunities. As Professor Sajjadul Hoque from the University of Chittagong says in Think South Asia’s first interview, "its geographical location, young generation, resources are the basic opportunities" of Bangladesh.
Finally, I would like to thank South Asia Democratic Forum for making possible the opportunity of launching Think South Asia. We would like to dedicate this number to people who do and influence politics in Europe and South Asia and we invite them to participate in our next conversations.
Please feel free to contact me in order to comment on our publication or submit articles for approval: antonio@sadf.eu. We hope you enjoy to Think South Asia with us.
Publicado no site do South Asia Democratic Forum: www.sadf.eu
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Para fazer o download da revista Think South Asia 01: http://sadf.eu/thinksouthasia01.pdf

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